Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I am a terrible blogger. I know, I've said it already...too much work...too much other stuff...too much laziness...blah blah blah.

So, let's just catch up where I left off. I checked out the last pictures I took and there's already so much that's changed since then, buuuut let's just pretend it hasn't! You'll never know.  Unless you're one of our friends who have been over the house lately. And in that case, just pretend to be surprised.

I mentioned in one of my last posts that the other weekend (in June) I went out of town and Sean did an insane amount of work on the house.

The first thing I saw when I got home was the newly stained fence. When last we left off, we had a beautiful but kind of stripe-y redwood fence, like so:

When I got home, I saw this newly stained beauty - he even picked out the paint color all by himself!

He also painted the silver fence support thingies with oil rubbed bronze spray paint, so they look like fancy iron instead of shiny galvanized steel.  Since then we've also added a mail slot cover...and some landscaping...which you'll see eventually, I'm sure.

Random note - the spray paint said it wouldn't adhere properly to galvanized steel, but we tried it anyway and it seems to be working fine.

The fence wasn't the only part of the house that got a fresh coat - Sean also painted the office, including the trim.

I don't have any before pictures that fully express the dingy grossness of the office paint before, but it was bad. Plus we had the little issue of the new dry wall that kind of stuck out a little:

Let's just say it looks a lot better with a coat of paint:

By the way, have I shown you my new lamp yet? I love it!


The name of this paint color is...I forgot, but it's the color we were originally going to paint the bedroom before we decided it was too dark. I know it doesn't look dark at all, but for some reason our bedroom makes all paint look freakishly darker than it really is.

Moving on to the guest bedroom. This room really gets no love, since it basically serves as our dogs' bedroom. Not that we don't love our dogs, but they don't really have a great sense for decor. There's actually been a lot of recent guest room changes but I don't have pictures yet soooo let's just pretend they didn't happen.

I don't have any good before pictures, but it was the same dingy off-white as in the other rooms.

This paint color was actually a $5 can we got at Home Depot. It ended up being more than $5 because Sean ran out - don't ask me how since this room is so small, I think someone puts their paint on a little too thick - so he had to go back and color match. We originally thought it was gray but it's more of a blue/gray. It works.

Pleaseeee try not to get too obsessed with my decor choices for this room. It's nice, I know.

Here's the new headboard against the new paint. Now all we need is a bed. Minor details.

Aaaand with the beautiful window treatments. Oh god this room is so bad.

Let's move on! Who remembers the BRIGHT GREEN bathroom?!?



I'm still not entirely convinced that this shade of bright white is the right color for the bathroom given the other random colors in there, but it definitely works for now! We're still using up our million cans of $5 white paint, so this was a cheap project as well.

I think that's it for Sean's crazy insane weekend. We're now done painting the entire interior of the house, except for any tweaks or changes we may do...and except for the kitchen which has been painted but you don't know that it's been painted because I haven't blogged about it yet.

Time to sign off because I'm sleepy, but stay tuned for my next blog post (in 3 months).