Old Apartment

When we were starting to paint and pack up the old apartment it occurred to me that I should probably take some pictures to remember it by.

We really liked this apartment, except for the super-lame landlords who tried to evict us (not awesome) but in the process tipped off the LA Housing Department that they were shady, causing LAHD to lower our rent to $871.69/month (awesome). 

This was our second apartment ever in LA (our first was student housing) and we lived here for a few months shy of two years.  I originally fell in love with this apartment despite the fact that it was what most people would refer to as a "run down 600 square foot sh*thole" because I thought it had tons of "character," and it was cheap even before the rent reduction.

I hit a wall with decorating after a year or so when I got frustrated with the fact that there was only so much time and effort I wanted to devote to a rental that we knew was going to be fairly temporary.  I can't wait until our house gets past the stage where I'm just happy no walls are falling down, and onto the stage where I can start making it look prettier.

Without further ado, here's a quick tour of our old apartment:

(putting the horribly lit photo first so you are super impressed with the rest of the photos by comparison)

Our living room with some simple DIY canvas art, and doozins.

More doozins, more living room.  Since our apartment was just a touch on the small side, the living room doubled as our office/library/guest room/home theatre/etc.

Living room, peeking into the dining area.  That doggie gate is a throwback from the days when the doozins used to enjoy snacking on our couch cushions and furniture while we were gone.  They're better now.

Another view of the main living area.  Yes I was too lazy to hang curtains on that small corner window.  Shhhhhh.

Can you tell I realized I should take pictures of the apartment after we were already preparing to leave?  The 1/2 painted wall and paint supplies in the corner of the room is a pretty good indication.

If you notice a theme of having 17 different angles of the same room, it's because the entire apartment is 3 rooms and I was running out of things to photograph.

Dining area/doggie room, with a little gallery wall devoted to the pups.

More dining room.  Like I said, not that much to photograph here.

Kitchen!  I'm not sure what I like best - the yellow and green tiles/salmon colored floors, or the red retro fridge that isn't even cool retro, but how-the-hell-does-this-thing-still-work retro.

More kitchen.

Aaaaaand more kitchen!

This one shot shows about 75% of the entire apartment.  Plus the dog house, very important.


Another bedroom angle.  This is where we sleep.  And put on makeup. 

Another bedroom angle, with my study nook in the corner.

Study nook!  I actually rarely studied here, it was kind of claustrophobic, but I was trying to use every possible inch of space.

Exciting stuff, you guys.

Bathroom - I tried to save the realllllly exciting stuff for last.


Is your mind blown yet or what?