About us

Disclaimer: This picture was not taken in our new house.

This is us. 

We bought our first home in West Los Angeles on February 25, 2011, in a neighborhood that is best described as "up and coming" and worst described as "you live where?!?"  

Julie is 26, and a litigation associate at a mid-sized law firm, where she spends her days billing her time in 6-minute increments and writing sentences that are (arguably) less interesting than the ones found in this blog.  She enjoys bagels and the beach.

Sean is 30, and a rock star social studies teacher at a school that will not be mentioned because his students will stalk him.  He considers himself a pizza connoisseur and enjoys participating in various LA-area recreational sports leagues.

These are doozins.  They are awesome.

Both doozins were adopted from Perfect Pet Rescue in Los Angeles.

Mabel is a 3-year old, 35-pound dog of indeterminate origin.  She has a deep and enduring love for tennis balls and a deep and enduring hatred for squirrels and cats.

Ernie is a 2-year old, 16-pound Cockapoo (we think).  His favorite activities involve napping, snuggling, eating, and anything that involves a minimal exertion of energy.

We are suckers for a cold, wet nose, so on any given week there may be a foster doozin from Perfect Pet hanging out at our house.