Sunday, May 8, 2011

Little touch ups

The problem with having so many projects going on simultaneously is that it's easy to get sick of one and start on another...and another.

Painting the living room trim was one of these projects.  The baseboard were a mess after we got the wood floors refinished (which I don't think I've posted about, oops).  So, one night a month or so ago I taped off all the trim in the dining and living areas with painters tape and got to work.  I got about half way through before I decided I was sick of it and would finish it later.  So the trim remained half painted for the next month or so. 

The evidence:

Classy, right?  It got to the point that I got pangs of guilt every time I spotted that ugly green tape...but I wasn't actually guilty enough to finish painting.

Last weekend I had a friend coming over to see the house for the first time so I figured I should probably finish what I started.  It literally took about an hour of scooting around the living room on my butt to finish it up, which was pretty embarassing given how long I put it off.

Much better, right?

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