Monday, July 4, 2011

Latest bedroom update

The last time I updated you on our master bedroom was back in March, and we've come a long way since then!

If you'll remember, the bedroom when we first moved in was kind of a huge mess and required a ton of sanding and painting:

We finally got it live-able, but I still wasn't crazy about our bedroom furniture, which we bought at Ikea when we first moved to LA almost four years ago.  The very utilitarian Ikea stuff was cheap and we've definitely got our money's worth by now, but I was itching to update it.  That said, bedroom furniture wasn't even at the top of my list because we have so much else to buy.

Then it happened.

My luckiest craigslist week ever.

I wasn't even looking, but my dream bedroom set came and found me.  To give a little bit of back story - a long while back, Sean and I spent the afternoon poking around furniture at the Helms bakery district right down the road from us in Culver City, which houses tons of furniture stores like Plummers, Environment, H.D. Buttercup, and other places way out of our price range.  If you're a fatty like us, they also have some awesome food like the burgers at Father's Office and some amazing french onion soup at La Dijonaise which is perfect after a day of furniture window shopping.

I digress.  On this particular trip, we stopped into Room and Board to check out some of their beautiful furniture.  I love that Room and Board is always described in design sources as "affordable," because it's most certainly not, at least not to two cheapos like us.  It was on this trip that I discovered the Calvin bedroom furniture, which I became oddly obsessed with, particularly the night stands. 

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I honestly can't said there's anything special about these pieces, I just loved the look and the clean lines.  Not to mention that the craftsmanship is really amazing - most of their pieces are handcrafted and it shows.

The problem is that there was no way I was spending almost $1,100 (including tax) on a pair of night stands.  I thought about saving up a few times and splurging, but I just couldn't.  It is, after all, just a nightstand.

Then, one day during my normal craigslist trolling for cheapo nightstands for the guest house, I stumbled upon a listing for 2 Room and Board Calvin nightstands, PLUS a 6-drawer dresser.
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The price?  Not cheap by any means, but less than what we would have spent on the nightstands alone, and less than 30% of retail price.

You might say I flipped out.  I called the guy immediately and tried to contain my glee as I arranged to come look at them that night.  It turns out the guy was moving to Brazil (or Costa Rica or something, I was too busy obsessing over the furniture to pay attention) and was getting rid of his entire apartment's worth of beautiful high end furniture. 

I originally pondered just buying the nightstands, but the guy wanted to keep them as a set and since the price was so good I figured why not?  The guy wouldn't budge on his listed price, but he ended up delivering it for us in his Bronco which sweetened the deal because otherwise we would have had to rent a van and dealt with that whole hassle. 

I had dreamed of a mid-century modern dresser for the bedroom but I've never seen anything I like that's been even close to the price of what we paid for this almost-new Room and Board dresser.  I'm not sure I love a matchy matchy bedroom, but it'll do for now.  Plus, I'm pretty confident I can sell the dresser for almost what I paid for the whole set.

So, home we came with our Room and Board bedroom set, which was in almost-perfect condition.  There are a teeny few dents here and there, but nothing worse than what I'd incur in about 2 months of owning it anyway.

Remember how I said it was a lucky week?  Well, only a few days later, I found my dream headboard online. 

Similar to the Room and Board set, I've been drooling over the Crate and Barrel Porto Bed for a while, but have been too cheap to actually pay for it without some kind of super sale. 
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Plus, Sean is totally against the idea of a footboard even though I love the look (and at 5'2" on a good day, a footboard is not really an issue for me).  Even just the headboard was almost $400 with tax, so I put it out of my mind and we've been sleeping on our plain metal bed frame for as long as we've had our bed. guessed it...I found a Porto headboard on craigslist. 

For $50. 

Insane, right?  I dragged Sean into the car for another night of furniture hunting, and we even managed to cram the headboard into the trunk of my Volvo with the help of some bungee cords.  I was dead set on not renting the truck because it would make the $50 headboard deal a little less sweet.

It's also a great compromise because I get the headboard I want, Sean doesn't have to deal with a footboard.  I'm not in love with the idea of the bedskirt to hide the ugly metal bed frame, but it works.  Everbody's happy!  Compromise leads to a happy marriage.

So, after all that back story, here's some updated bedroom pictures!

I also snagged a new duvet cover - the organic pintuck duvet from West Elm.  It totally seems like I'm on a spending spree, huh?  Keep in mind that these purchases are over the course of 3 or 4 months, I swear I'm not spending every waking hour shopping.  I've had my eye on the pintuck duvet for a while, so I took advantage of their earth day sale on all organic bedding, plus a 15% coupon they sent me, and got an awesome deal (I think the entire set ended up being around $60).  You may notice a theme that I never buy anything unless it's wayyy cheaper than retail price.  It's an obsession.

We still need to do something about the ugly doors, but let's focus on the pretty furniture for now.  And the rogue flip flop.

Aerial view - I'm standing on my new dresser for this one, oopsie!  This photo actually gives a great representation of our new floor color as well, for some reason it always comes out really orangey-yellow in pictures.

Another angle - my vanity is still hanging out in the corner.

I also finally put up curtains!  In this shot I'm showing how they wonderfully hide the ugly pull that removes the bars from the windows in case of a fire or some other awful event. 

The curtain installation was a total disaster.  We have hollow plaster walls, and after waiting months to put up curtain rods, I found that where I wanted to hang these curtains was particularly hollow.  Meaning that whenever I tried to screw in the rod, even with a special type of screw, I kept ending up with giant holes in the bedroom wall.

Let's just say this debacle ended with me in tears after several trips to Home Depot, and for the sake of my sanity Sean took over and now we have curtains!  After toying with the idea of patterns, we went with the plain old Ikea Vivan curtains.

I don't usually keep my stuffed animals out, and I'm not sure why I left them in this picture, but they're cute, right?  That's Lambie on the right and Noogie on the left.

View from standing on the bed.  Luckily when I hung the curtains at ceiling height, they were just long enough to skim the ground so I didn't have to hem them.  This is especially lucky because I have curtains in the living room from months ago still waiting to be hemmed.

Another view of curtains, since I'm seriously so glad they're finally up.  I think these curtains are just thick enough that we don't need extra blinds, and if not our next door neighbors get a show every time I change.

Where my Room and Board obsession started.

So, that's it for bedroom updates for now.  I don't envision any major changes any time soon, other than adding some wall art and possibly switching out the bedside lamps if I find something I like.  For now, I'm loving the bright and airy bedroom, it's really a great place to relax (and sleep!)

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