Thursday, June 16, 2011

Eek! Crazy deal alert!

So, I've been lusting after the overlapping squares headboard at West Elm for-ev-er.

So cute, right?

However, I never really needed it, and couldn't justify the price.  I considered the ana white DIY version, but it seemed a little tricky and I have more important projects on my list.

Well, I was browsing online today for some cute, cheap decorate accents since West Elm is having 15% off final sale.

Turns out the headboard was on sale in white, at $129.99 for a queen size.  Score!  After I added it to my cart, the total was around $150, which included the 15% off, but also a $40 in-home delivery charge.  I was a little indecisive still at this price, but it was still a great deal since the original price is $250 + tax and delivery.

Then, I ended up calling the catalog because I had a question about the measurements of a lamp I also wanted to order (remember when I said I was only shopping for cute, cheap accents?  Oops).

(This one, if you're interested)

...and the lady on the phone mentioned that they had an "in-house" special that made the lamp about $55, cheaper than the online price.  Score!

So, I asked her if there was a special for the headboard.

And get this.

The headboard price was $159.99, but with no $40 delivery surcharge, and she said she'd give me the extra 15% off.  Howeverrrrr, their "in-house" price is going down to $129.99 tomorrow, so she said as of tomorrow she can refund $30 to my credit card.

So the pre-tax total for the queen headboard I've been lusting after?

$106, including in home delivery. 

Crazy, right?!  Call and order yours before anyone else figures out the deal!


  1. I saw your comment on YHL's facebook page, and I honestly couldn't sleep last night with excitement over it!

    I just called, though, asking for an "in house" special or free shipping, and my customer service rep. said they didn't have anything like that going on right now. Do you remember the name of your rep?

  2. OH NO! What a buzz kill.

    The lady I spoke to yesterday said that the waived $40 delivery fee was an in house special, and the price was being reduced to $129 today. I definitely didn't get charged for the delivery. Did you specifically ask about the overlapping squares in white?

    I spoke to a woman at the 1-800 number at extension 6014. I don't remember her name, but she was super super nice and helpful, and was even suggesting other things I might like that were on special.

    Please let me know how it goes if you call back!!

  3. I called back but didn't get the option to enter an extension. So I went ahead and ordered it in Cal. King (after asking for the "in house" or free shipping) and it totaled out at $225 after tax and shipping.

    I think yesterday was your lucky day! The woman I spoke with the second time said they never really give free shipping unless the item is marked "free shipping." (Was your lamp one of those items, and maybe your headboard snuck in with it?)

    Regardless, I am still excited to have a headboard, and my husband built the bed so the whole thing is totaling well under what we would pay at a furniture store.

    Thanks for advertising this sale and extra 15% promotion!

  4. How strange! I actually paid for shipping on the lamp and a few smaller things I ordered, but she said they were having a promotion for no home delivery charge on the headboard. I wonder if it depends on the size - I ordered a queen?

    In any event, I'm sorry you didn't get the special deal, but what a great deal anyway! I am so excited to get my new headboard.

    Would anyone else who called let me know if they were able to get the promotion? Or did I really just have a lucky day?

  5. I tried this too, no luck! Still haven't decided if I want to move forward with ordering or not, hmmm...