Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guest House Quickie Update

When last we saw the guest house, the major work was done but there was a lot left to be desired.  Ok, well there's still a lot left to be desired, but we've slowly been working toward completion.

So far we've had 2 couples stay in the guest house (on two seperate weekends), and they all left rave reviews.  Well I may be exaggerating, but they didn't sneak out half way through the weekend so that counts for something, right?

In any event, one of my major goals was to find a table for the two lonely chairs that awkwardly sat in front of the window.

Since we moved from a 1 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom (plus guest house) home, we've needed quite a bit of furniture.  So far, almost none of our furniture was purchased from an actual store.  Instead, I use the handy dandy CraigsPro app on my iPhone to search for whatever item of furniture we're looking for at a particular moment. 

One of the benefits to living in a big city is that there's always a TON of stuff on craigslist that is located within a fairly small area. Since the volume of furniture is so high, I'm often able to search for very specific constraints, like the brand and model name of the specific piece of furniture I want.  The downside to this is that I'm almost physically incapable of paying full price for anything these days.

So, of course I turned to craigslist in my table search.  It actually took a little while for the perfect table to show up.  We wanted something (a) round; (b) small enough to not overwhelm the space but big enough for 2 people to sit comfortably; and (c) cheap.  There's a ton of tables on craiglist but it took a while to find one that met all of our requirements, and was located somewhere close-ish so we could go pick it up.

Finally, we found this sweet thing in Santa Monica, just a short drive away.

The table was $40 if I remember correctly, and it came with two bonus wood folding chairs that we're using for extra outdoor seating.  It's a pretty basic little table, but it has the added benefit of having fold down leaves to make it even more versatile in our small space. 

The table in decent shape - I wanted to refinish it but Sean wants to leave as-is.  Given that our to-do list is crazy long and guest house furniture perfection isn't our #1 priority (sorry, guests), it will probably remain un-refinished for a while.

A few weeks later we also picked up the little TV in the corner, which came with both a digital tuner and an iPod dock.  We could have gotten a non-flat screen for much much cheaper, but thought this was better for the space (and I think it looks much cuter).

We also added a Ikea mirror (from craigslist, duh) above the mantle - I keep meaning to hang it and keep not getting around to it.

Are you spotting the almost hidden dogs in all of these photos?

I want to get a cuter piece of furniture to rest the TV on, but the blocky Ikea nightstand was what we had on hand for now.  This beautiful piece of furniture was actually pulled out of the trash pile at our old apartment complex.  Just when you thought we couldn't get any classier than craigslist.

My special photo assistant tried to make sure that the bedding was wrinkled in every shot. 

This is Petunia, by the way.  She's a foster doozin from Perfect Pet who is staying with us until she can find a family who will appreciate her smooshy little puggle face.  She's rarely still so this picture is kind of a miracle.

So - that's a quick update on the guest house for now!  I'm still on the lookout for some cute replacement furniture, more decorative accents, and replacement blinds, but those will happen...when they happen.

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