Monday, November 28, 2011

Kitchen Update: Part III

Ok, it's the moment you've all been waiting for! Yep, all 3 of you.

At long last, our mini kitchen re-do came to a close. Putting the cabinets back up and installing the hardware was almost as horrible as taking them down. In all honestly, I am very impatient and often have poor attention to detail when it comes to home projects, and so the detail work on these cabinets was not fun. And I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to screw the self-closing hinges into the wall correctly. And a few of the handles are unquestionably crooked. And some of the doors don't line up so they don't close properly.

But, it's done! Horray! I told myself that I may fix some of the above problems sometime in the future, but I'm not holding my breath.

And so, the after photos. I'm sticking them side by side with the before photos from (sort of) similar angles so you can really be amazed by my handiwork.  I'm actually not pleased with how these "after" photos turned out, the lighting was funny and such, but I really don't feel like re-taking them.  Sorry guys.

I reallllly like how the wall paint turned out.  It's the darkest I've ever painted a room, but I think it works with the white cabinets and stainless steel.

Notice the lack of gross grease stain on the ceiling?  Hours of scrubbing.  Not even exaggerating. 

The off-white microwave looks pretty bad next to the shiny white cabinets.  We're casually looking at a  new stainless steel one, but it seems a little extravagant since the white one works just fine.  

Ok so that bottom cabinet is a little crooked and I didn't close it all the way.  Oops.

I have since hung curtains.  I should probably update more so my posts aren't immediately outdated.

Our Miele dishwasher has a removable cover thing that we could replace for a stainless steel one, but I think it looks fine just painted white. 

Gross story - we thought the glass on this light was off-white.  Nope.  It's white.  It was just horribly dirty.  Also don't love this light fixture, but it's fine for now.

Close up of the paint and tile matching.  I like it.

So, that's it for the mini kitchen update.  It's still not perfect, but the total cost was only about $150 for cabinet hardware and paint (and a good chunk of my sanity).  The result is SO MUCH better than the kitchen we moved in to, and so if we don't get around to a full kitchen reno soon (or ever), I think we're both OK with that.

In the meantime, I've slowly been accessorizing and trying not to go too crazy with turquoise theme - you can see some of my wish list at

That's all for tonight - I hope you like the (sort of) new kitchen as much as we do!

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  1. I have to admit, I haven't checked your blog in quite a while, it's your own fault, I got tired of checking and never seeing anything new! So, I'm going to comment on a few things.

    I love the color of the kitchen! It looks great next to the white cabinets and the stainless steel fridge, it just works really well!

    I also love your bar cart! It turned out really well and I'm quite impressed with your spray painting skills. I tried to spray paint a side table a while ago and it did not turn out well. A bar cart isn't really a necessity, but it ties the living room together and fits with your side chairs nicely!

    So, basically, I approve of what you're doing, you just need to post a little more frequently...and I don't want to hear any stupid "I'm a busy lawyer" excuses!