Saturday, November 12, 2011

More living room fun

I last shared some living room updates back in July, and we're being doing lots of shopping and tweaking since then.  You've seen my beloved new bar cart, so I thought I'd share some of the other new additions.

I've been searching for something to put over the fireplace forevah.  The room looked super bland without something there, but I'm horribly indecisive.  I was going back and forth between some kind of art/print, or a mirror.  

My mirror hesitation was that I've heard you should always have a mirror reflecting something interesting, and all that's across from the fireplace is our entertainment center, which is not interesting.  In any event, obviously the mirror won out.  I found this big antique gold mirror at the Melrose Trading Post for $60.  I've been hunting places like Ross and TJ Maxx for a big mirror,  but the Trading Post had an amazing selection.  Ooooh actually, I just realized I have pictures of the other mirrors on my phone from texting them to Sean...lemme upload those right quick...

Here are the runners up that I texted to Sean so that he could text me back that he didn't care, just pick a mirror already.

 Ok this is actually the one I bought, in its natural habitat.

I talked to the guy making these cool window pane mirrors about making a custom size for above the mantle.  Obviously I went with something else, but I think I need one of these in my house anyway.  Oooh maybe in the window-less guest room.  Great idea, Julie!

I ultimately decided that a heavy rectangular mirror was more earthquake-friendly than a round one that might roll off the mantle.  And plus some of these sold in the time I was wandering around.

Enough about mirrors, here's some more living room pictures.

Fireplace area taking shape.  I also recently snagged these votives on a naughty insomnia-driven online shopping spree at Urban Outfitters:

I dig them since we love lighting candles and don't have any cute candle holders.  HOWEVER, my biggest complaint is that they are called "Brass Lotus Votives" so I put a VOTIVE candle in them and left them unattended.  However, I guess you are only supposed to put tea lights in them, because everything in a 3-foot radius of these candleholders (floor, curtains, walls) was splattered with bright red candle wax after an hour.  Dammit.

Moving on...

 Mirror detail and a blurry shot of my messy frizzy weekend hair.  I was actually originally considering painting the mirror, but I'm kind of digging the gold.  It's different from  my normal color pallette which is good, I think.

Zoomed out view, with Mabel doozin.

Oh yes, I also purchased these chairs recently (actually, months ago, but I last blogged about the living room in July so as far as you know it's "recently").  They're a slightly older version of the curved upholstered chair from West Elm.  We were in desperate need of some chairs for this area of the living room, so in true Julie fashion I waited until West Elm was having a sale and then showed up to harass the sales people in Santa Monica with a handful of coupons and made them price match the cheaper online price.  Long story short, they were $127.49 each, down from the original price of $199.  I still can't get over how expensive chairs are.  Eeks.

That's all the living room updates for today.  This is the room where we spend most of our waking hours (watching TV and snuggling with the doozins), so it's great to see it finally coming together.

Now if only my dining room table would arrive...the West Elm website still says "expected delivery by November 14, 2011" but since it's November 12, 2011 and no one has contacted me about home delivery on Monday, I'm thinking that is a LIE.

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