Saturday, January 28, 2012

Let there be (new dining room) light

I have a serious Craigslist problem.

I have wanted this:

firefly pendant light for-ev-er. Like since before we even bought our house.

I first saw it on a listing website for a house that we never even looked at (here - by the way how awesome is the photographer than this teeny house looks so amazing?) and I knew I needed one in my future home.

We've been dealing with a fugly big ceiling fan in the dining area since we moved in. 

We turned it on exactly 0 times.  There's obviously a giant sliding door in the dining room so if we want some air we it.  So, the fan had to go.

One weekend I got particularly annoyed and in about 10 minutes, dismantled the fan.  The room looked amazingly bigger and more open.  Sean was amazingly unphased by the fan on the ground and live wires hanging out of the ceiling.  I think he's used to my erratic behavior.

Since the big hole in the ceiling meant that it was game time, I also finally resolved to buy the firefly pendant to replace the big ugly fan.  CB2 was having 10% off at the time so I figured $200 or so with tax was do-able.  Buuuut, I figured I would check out Craigslist first, juuuuust in case. 

Aaaaaaaaaand I found a brand new firefly pendant for $150, holla! 

Duh I talked the guy down to $100. 

I started installing it myself, but then I got a little nervous because the wiring looked old and I started having visions of electrocuting myself and burning the house down, so I called a local electrician.  It only took the pro 10 minutes or so to install the light, and he only charged me $50 AND he complimented my half-done wiring job.  

I can't even express how happy I am with this light.

The lighting in the dining room is really awkward whenever I try and take photos.  But you get the idea.

See anything unusual in this photo?

There he is!

By the way, I've heard the most important part of a camera is the lens.  So I went out and bought a $10 wide angle lens on Amazon.  Isn't the quality astounding?  In all honesty, I kind of like the effect.  You can see way more of the house and I kind of dig the retro looking black edges.

Is that enough light pics for you?

With the new table and the new light, it's starting to actually look like a real dining room!  No more crappy ikea table, mismatched chairs, and giant ugly ceiling fan!  After almost a year of living in this house it feels like it's actually coming together.  Yippee.

By the way, we're totally digging the new table.  The benches are surprisingly comfy and easy to push out of the way.  I'm still so-so on the buffet with the table, but it works for now.  As I'm looking at this photo, I reallllly want to hang some art on the wall to the right of the table.  Someday, someday we will hang art in this house.

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