Saturday, March 26, 2011

Work in progress...

So my idea to post every day kind of went to hell.  Oops!  I had a crazy work week with a few 12-15 hour days which made updating a little tough.  Things are moving along here and I'm getting behind on updates, so I wanted to share some progress photos from a few weeks ago to show everyone (and remind myself) where we started.  This was the week before we moved and we had a ton of little projects we wanted to get out of the way before the floors got refinished and we moved in.

patching holes in the walls is not fun!

Dryer drama - it helps to measure your laundry room correctly before ordering a washer/dryer set.  Or you'll end up with a dryer in the dining room.  (Note the sponge-painted beams...shudder...)

Sanding the ceiling leads to creepy photos like this

...and this.  I'm married to this guy and I still think this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

So. Much. Dust.

Hard work even for our helpers.

I learned that an awesome homeowner thing that can happen at 11:30pm on a work night when you're cleaning up from painting is when the ancient pipe heading to the kitchen faucet breaks and starts spraying water everywhere.  At least the plumber complemented my electrical tape patch job (after charging us $400 for a new faucet).

How's that for some random updates, eh?  Usually I only remember to take photos at the last minute, but I'm glad I do because things are changing pretty quickly around here.  I'm sure things will level off eventually once we finish our top priority projects (we still don't have a new fence or a garage door...oops!) and hopefully I can do some more in-depth posts instead of cramming 7 random photos with some descriptions and calling it a blog.

I'm planning on posting some updated bedroom photos (hint: we cleaned up all that dust) tomorrow so stay tuned!

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  1. Wear good dust masks, that stuff will harden in your lungs! Its really important, kids - please do it.